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Malene Aaris - MAA.C ApS


Malene Aaris - MAA.C Aps - Eksportfremstød, foredrag og rådgivning



Malene Aaris

After 5 years employment in an international consultancy company I chose to be self-employed for the second time in my life in December 2005 and this time for good. I moved my network Bio Aus Dänemark and established myself in my own office in the centre of ancient Aarhus. From here I am still working in the old chocolate factory Elvirasminde, together with my other company the architectural office URBANlabNordic.

Bio Aus Dänemark is my life work and a network that I am very proud of to able to present every time I meet new customers on the export markets. It consists of 40 innovative and skilled producers of organic food so I have reason to be proud. My daily tasks are many, some of my customers call me ”multi-artist” – I love to create new export promotion campaigns, to prepare the fairs abroad, to contact new customers on the export markets, to be introduced to new concepts for the food business and to show up at seminars and workshops where I intend to become a little wiser and at the same time to show new interesting people.

Administration is a huge part of my business so I have chosen to be skilled at it, thus it is a little easier. I am intelligent as regards linguistics and human nature. When you work with me as a customer, cooperation partner or supplier you will know that:

  • I do not give in if I am right
  • I keep asking until I get an answer
  • A decision or a plan always stands to change if it optimizes the results
  • When the gate is closed – look for the small window above